June 5, 2013, by Yvonne Teoh

Do Not Mess With Psychology Students…

I can say hand on heart, the best part of my job is interacting with students.  I was marking an exam answer recently and had to share it with a colleague simply because the answer was brilliant.  And this is coming from someone who is a harsh marker.  I always have to remind myself that I’m marking undergraduate’s work, not reviewing a paper.

I feel very protective towards any student who has chosen a degree in the School of Psychology.  My job is to explain why psychology is such a fascinating subject.  I appreciate the feedback I receive from students, if they think I’m doing a poor job then I want to know how I can improve.  I know I still have a long way to go before I would consider myself a fantastic lecturer, but it’s nice to know my efforts are appreciated.  I can’t promise I will make less hand gestures, or say ‘UM’ a lot less, but I will try to do my best.  To the people who said my voice was boring/monotonous – SERIOUSLY????  I really hope that’s not true.

I must admit that I feel more protective towards my tutees, final year project students and postgraduate students, but that’s because I have spent more time with them.  I consider every student studying Psychology or Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience as my PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!  The feeling of immense pride when one of my students does well cannot be measured on an objective scale, and the relief that you have done well despite my interference/poor advice is priceless.

Dr. Jess Price,
(Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, UNMC.)

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