April 16, 2014, by khyx2lyn

How Your Job Affects Your Memory?

One of our assistant professors, Dr Jessica Price along with her PhD student, Wei Lin Poh were interviewed by DJ, Lee Chwi Lynn, one of the hosts of ‘The Bigger Picture’ programme on BFM radio on Monday, 14th April 2014.

Dr Price specializes in written language comprehension in healthy ageing. She is also interested in research in: psycholinguistics, mismatch negativity, drug labelling, drug treatment effects, neurodegenerative diseases and EEG studies of cognitive function in elderly people. As for Wei Lin Poh’s PhD research, she focuses on visual attention, language and memory in thought processing.

The interview focused on how memory declines over age, and how to keep our brains mentally fit. The interview also covered how different types of jobs could affect our memory.

If you’ve missed the interview, you can now listen to the podcast HERE.

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