October 18, 2019, by khyx2lyn

Interview with Business FM – Nottingham Twin Registry

On Wednesday 31 July 2019, Dr Steve Stewart-Williams was interviewed by Business FM. In this interview, he talked about the establishment of the Nottingham Twin Registry with his colleague, Dr Steve Janssen, and how the registry differs from an earlier founded twin registry in Malaysia. He talked briefly on the data collection and protection measures applied to the registry, and also discussed an ongoing study using the registry which looks at autobiographical memory in the participants.

Besides talking about the registry, he also discussed on some of the findings obtained from twin studies in relation to heritability of personality traits, the significance of these results, and how these results can be generalised to the wider public. He also talked about the importance of using both identical/monozygotic twins as well as fraternal/dizygotic twins when doing twin studies, and how findings from experiments using these sets of twins can provide answers to the nature-nurture debate.

You can find the BFM interview at this link: https://www.bfm.my/podcast/the-bigger-picture/health-and-living/studying-twins 

You can find the Facebook page for the Nottingham Twin Registry here: https://www.facebook.com/nottmytwinregistry/

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