January 2, 2021, by khyx2lyn

Importance of Mental Health

Article by Malmaruhan A/L Bala Murugan, Year 2 student for the 2020/2021 academic year

I’m genuinely glad that we live in times where the importance of mental health has become more prevalent especially among us youths in this era. However, I’ve always felt that not everyone really understands why & how mental health is equally important to physical health because according to WHO, 800,000 people die from suicide every single year. That’s honestly a staggering number of people that could have been helped or at least, be comforted.

Personally speaking, I myself struggle at times to keep my mental health in check & I suppose the pandemic has made it worst because I was always the one that was out & about meeting people as well as having solo trips as a method of coping with stressful times. Now that all of that was stripped away, I felt miserable at the initial stages of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

To put it simply, I did realise that the whole world literally had to change their lifestyle in order to fit the new normal life ever since the pandemic began & it did give me comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only one that felt suffocated with the current situation. But then, this pandemic also made me realise one important aspect of life, & that’s gratitude. Why? That’s because it took me a whole pandemic to understand that there were far more terrible situations people have been dealing with day in day out way before this pandemic took place. We get so carried away with our hectic lives that we often don’t pay attention to what’s actually happening to our brothers & sisters around the world & let’s just say that the pandemic is nothing compared to what they go through.

It’s when we’re trapped at home and glued to our phones that we realise from social medias that there’s so much injustice going on in the world & imagine the amount of mental health issues those people had to & still is going through. My point is, I know that many people would say “Don’t compare yourself to others” but I’d like to disagree & say that “It’s sometimes okay to compare yourself with others” solely because if you think you’re life is imperfect, think again. It’s completely okay to feel vulnerable & low but it’s crucial to note that this journey of sorrow & misery isn’t immune to anyone but if if you still have a roof above your head & food on your plate, trust me that you’re far more privileged that many other people.

Of course mental health deserves a book on its own for the amount of importance it carries with itself but I’m here just to say that this pandemic has put us all through so much & I’m proud for each & every one of you that has made it this far as we all know it wasn’t an easy situation. I just hope that at times where you feel low & worn out, you’d take some time to reflect about everyone around you because it’s true when people say that everyone goes through something they never share about & this one statement alone should make each one of us realise that kindness comes free thus please spread it as much as you can because like I said, there are some people that don’t even get that. Be kind to one another any given time & believe that your kindness has an impact on others because in the end, it will.

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