December 9, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

List of Winners of 5th UNM Resume Competition

Resume Competition is back!

Careers Advisory Service (CAS) had organised the 5th Resume Competition 2019/2020 which was held from 14th of October to 10th of November 2019 with the participation of more than 160 students. The competition had been divided into three categories: Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2, Year 3 and 4, and postgraduates.

The prize-giving ceremony of the Resume Competition was carried out on the 27th of November 2019 where the winners had been chosen by the esteemed judges from various distinguished companies. The judges were:

  • Geraldine Ashley David from Johnson & Johnson Malaysia

  • Nadia Radhuan from L’oreal

  • Kenny Chin Chau Choong from EcoWorld

  • Navinesh Rao and Syaza Syahirah Othman from Experian

List of Winners

The winners of each category were presented with RM500 for the Champion, RM350 for the first runner-up, RM250 for second runner-up and 3 consolation prizes worth RM100 each; with the sponsored goodie bags and gifts from L’oreal, Johnson & Johnson and Experian.

Geraldine, the Country Talent Acquisition Lead of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia highlighted that she believes that a resume should be kept short and concise, and formatted well in one to two pages. She found the judging session was challenging since they had to shortlist the winners among the pool of talents with high quality resumes.

“It is a very good initiative from the Careers Advisory Services team as it is crucial for graduates to get their resume right to land themselves their first job or internship. The quality of resumes are quite good, some better than the experience hire resumes I’ve seen! The quality of the UNM graduates are good as they have some edge against other graduates. They have some knowledge of careers in different spaces and communicate well.” Geraldine commented.

The winner for the category 1, Tan Wan Yee from School of Psychology expressed her gratitude to CAS for organising the competition.

“The biggest motivation that made me participated in the competition was to understand how presentable is my resume to the companies outside and how can I improve my resume to make it better.” Wan Yee said.

Darshana Darmalinggam, the first runner-up in the postgraduate category shared that she took her precious time to join this competition as part of her career preparation to enter the workforce soon.

“It is a great versatile initiative that indirectly builds up students’ creativity and vocabulary while enhancing and modelling their resume. Even those without a resume would somewhat try and have one merely to be part of this prestigious competition in order to build and ease their future career pathway. This competition has been a great booster in presenting the best of me through a resume for the workforce.”

The prizes were presented by the Provost & CEO of UNM, Professor Graham Kendall; the Director of Academic Services, Patrick Joseph; and the Director of Student Experience, Mavis Tsang to the winners.

Careers Advisory Service would like to thank the judges, students and everyone who had participated and involved to execute this successful event. See you in the upcoming semester, stay tuned!

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