December 6, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

Get Ready Get Hired: The Benefits of Networking

A workshop about Networking Skill was organised on the 13th of November, under its certificate programme “Get Ready Get Hired”. The workshop’s aim was to highlight the importance of networking for career purposes as well as equip UNM students with the necessary networking tips and tricks.

During the session, Ms. Anna Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of AAA Solutions actively engaged with the young audience and gauged their existing knowledge on networking, its benefits as well as innate fears and challenges to the activity.

Ms. Cheong explained that networking should not be solely aimed at advancing personal ambitions but rather, having a sincere interest in the other party.

“In order to network efficiently, it is important to listen, ask the right questions and have a genuine interest in building friendships/contacts. Networking is known to have numerous benefits, to name a few, networking helps to enhance various career opportunities/prospects, build one’s presence among a particular crowd who will subsequently attest to his/her skills and strengths, allows the exchange of ideas and above all, networking allows one to expand their circle of friends/colleagues.” she said.

On a related note, according to the science of visual impact, an individual has only 5 seconds to make a lasting first impression of which 55% of perceptions are based on how the individual is dressed, 38% on quality/tone of voice and 7% on eloquence. Face, Attire and Body Language (FAB) are key. The table below serves as a guideline one may adhere to in order to make a lasting impression when networking.

Face, Attire and Body language (FAB) for the sexes.



Should be cleanly shaven

Wear light or natural makeup

Hair colour should either be natural or not too striking

Stick to conventional hair colours (avoid blue/pink/purple)

Ensure simple hairstyles

Encouraged to straighten hair to give a slick and professional image (although it is not a must)


Strict to simple ‘professional’ hairstyles such as a bun, ponytail

Ensure a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio

That is (a) either a shirt and tie with a pair of pants, (b) a shirt and blazer with a pair of pants or for a more appealing and professional look a full suit

Ensure a 2:1 ration in clothing meaning 2 items at the top (a blouse and blazer) with a pair of pants/skirt

By: Angeline Choy, Career Ambassador of CAS – Director of Digital Marketing

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