December 1, 2023, by Noor Syuhada

Innovating Excellence: CAS Recognized for Creativity and Discovery at PS Awards 2023

In an exciting turn of events, the Careers Advisory Service (CAS) at the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) has emerged victorious as one of the distinguished winners of the esteemed Professional Services (PS) Awards 2023. Recognized under the category of ‘Fostering Creativity and Discovery,’ this accolade stands as a testament to CAS’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in supporting students’ career development journey.

Under the theme of ‘Ambition’, the PS Awards 2023 serves as a platform to honor the exceptional contributions and fervent passion of Professional Services staff across the university’s global campuses, spanning Malaysia, the UK, and China. These individuals serve as catalysts for change, leading ambitious strategic initiatives aimed at reshaping operational paradigms and enriching the overall student experience.

For CAS, this achievement is more than just recognition; it is a reflection of the collective commitment to excellence and the tireless pursuit of empowering students to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of career development. Gratitude is extended to the extensive support network comprising the University, industry partners, colleagues, students, and alumni, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in CAS’s journey toward success.

As CAS celebrates this momentous accomplishment, we look toward the future with optimism and determination, poised to build upon this success and continue making a positive impact. The journey ahead is filled with endless possibilities, and CAS is committed to leading the way with innovation, inspiration, and unwavering dedication!

To find out the winners list: here.

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