December 15, 2023, by Noor Syuhada

A Resounding Debut: UNM’s LinkedUP Competition Redefines Professional Achievement

On November 29th, the Careers Advisory Service (CAS) celebrated a significant milestone with the successful conclusion of the inaugural LinkedUP: UNM LinkedIn Competition. This event showcased the university’s exceptional talent and set a new standard for professional excellence in Malaysia.

Applause filled the venue as proud winners were announced, marking the triumph of an event that not only honored achievements but also laid the foundation for a higher standard of professional excellence. The afternoon was alive with excitement and jubilation as winners were recognized and congratulated for their exceptional accomplishments. The competition drew in a pool of highly skilled participants, and CAS is delighted to acknowledge and applaud the winners for their exemplary LinkedIn profiles.

The success of the LinkedUP competition was made possible by esteemed judges from leading organizations such as Citi, LinkedIn, Reckitt, and Shell. Their valuable insights and expertise added credibility to the event, ensuring that the competition was not just a showcase but a true test of professional prowess. Beyond the spirit of competition, the event served as a platform for learning and knowledge exchange. Judges, including Nur Mastura Mansor, Muhammad Hafizuddin Kamarruddin, Sherron Lye, M Afif Jazli Samion, and Dinesh Jayabalan, shared invaluable insights that not only benefited the participants but also enriched the organizers. The collaborative and mentoring spirit demonstrated during the event exemplifies the supportive community that UNM is cultivating.

A notable moment occurred when Nur Mastura Mansor from LinkedIn expressed her admiration for the initiative, highlighting that this was the first LinkedIn Competition in Malaysia and would set a standard for future events. This acknowledgment adds a significant accolade to CAS, showcasing their dedication to providing unique and valuable opportunities for their talents.

In conclusion, as the curtain falls on the first LinkedUP: UNM LinkedIn Competition, the reverberations of success and collaboration promise a bright future for UNM’s emerging professionals.

P.S. Thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm, spirit, and commitment to making a positive impact! Their involvement and support have played a crucial role in the success of this initiative.

Congratulations to the Champions!

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Unveiling the voices behind the success, we had the privilege of interviewing winners and judges. Read on to explore their perspectives below:


What inspired your decision to participate in the competition?

  • Chan Hui Wen: My primary motivation stems from the desire for continuous learning and personal challenge. Having secured a top prize in last year’s resume writing competition, I recognized the importance of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. Joining this competition serves as a catalyst for me to update and elevate my profile. I aim to leverage this opportunity to explore how I can effectively market myself to employers and recruiters through LinkedIn.
  • Ayesha Khan: I have confidence in the strength of my LinkedIn profile, believing I have a high chance of winning. Additionally, the prospect of meeting judges from reputable companies excites me.

What valuable insights have you gained from participating in this competition?

  • Chan Hui Wen: Participating in this competition has provided me with numerous insights and opportunities to connect with recruiters and like-minded students. The event has proven to be exceptionally fruitful, offering a deep dive into areas such as data security, an aspect I was previously unaware of. Learning about the potential risks, like the unsafe inclusion of a resume in my profile, has been eye-opening. This competition has equipped me with the knowledge to optimize my LinkedIn profile effectively while ensuring the protection of my online identity.
  • Ayesha Khan: The judges shared invaluable insights on enhancing my LinkedIn profile. I acquired substantial knowledge about LinkedIn, including privacy and security concerns, benefits of a premium account, and insights into company life. This event has been a rich source of learning, motivating me to further refine my LinkedIn presence post-competition. The encouragement to engage in more frequent posting, recognizing its importance, has been particularly impactful.


What are your thoughts on this initiative?

  • Mastura (LinkedIn): This initiative is instrumental in creating awareness among students, starting from their first year or foundation level. No other higher education institutions in Malaysia have officially organized a LinkedIn competition at the university level. It serves as a commendable encouragement for students to establish their LinkedIn profiles. I’ve observed that the CAS team conducts workshops consistently with students, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to update their profiles and participate in this competition initiative. This approach effectively connects students with professionals, showcasing UNM’s commitment to fostering valuable connections. Well done, UNM!
  • Dinesh (Shell): I find it genuinely impressive; it introduces individuals to LinkedIn as a valuable platform that offers exposure. It’s something I wish I had when I was a student here.

What’s your key advice for creating a winning LinkedIn profile?

  • Dinesh (Shell): Actively engage, be vocal, and go above and beyond. Taking the initiative to enhance your LinkedIn profile is crucial for success.
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