January 24, 2020, by Mei Kee Lee

Alumni Testimonial: Dr Siva Genapathy (2015)

My journey started just like you 11 years ago when I chose to do pharmacy upon realising that my interest lay in the science behind medicine. During the early years of MPharm, UoN provided me with many opportunities to explore the best of pharmacy education, and equipped me with the knowledge and skills of various sectors of pharmacy. Upon graduation, I undertook an industry-hospital split pre-registration training with GlaxoSmithKline and Princess Alexandra Hospital, NHS Trust. The training at GSK was an eye-opening gateway into the world of industrial research and global manufacturing facilities. The training at the hospital was a comprehensive rotational program with an emphasis on clinical pharmacy.

Following the pre-registration year, I was awarded with the International Research Excellence Scholarship by UoN to pursue a doctoral degree in medicinal chemistry at the School of Pharmacy. My research involved the chemical design, synthesis and evaluation of macrocyclic peptides as candidates for antimicrobial applications. Since graduating with a PhD, I have been working as an Associate Scientist in peptide and protein engineering at Medimmune, the biologics arm of Astrazeneca, in Cambridge UK.

Looking back now, I can contentedly say that I spent 10 enjoyable and very full years, most of it at UoN, of learning and developing the professional and intellectual skills invaluable for my future. As I look forward to a long and rewarding career in the world of pharmacy, I wish you the very best time at UoN and in life.

Dr Siva Genapathy graduated with MPharm in 2010 and a PhD in 2015. She is currently working as an industrial scientist at Astrazeneca, UK, leading the design of peptide therapeutics for application in metabolic disorders.

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