August 17, 2020, by Mei Kee Lee

Alumni Testimonial: Azrina Ely Binti Ahmad Azhari (2009)

It has been 11 years since I graduated with an MPharm degree from the University of Nottingham. I was one of the students from the first cohort of 2+2 MPharm course at the newly built campus in Semenyih. When I started my journey as a pharmacy student with the University of Nottingham, never have I thought that I will be working as a community pharmacist with one of the renowned community pharmacies in the United Kingdom after I completed my studies.

The MPharm course has allowed me to do so with the encouragement from the lecturers and the skills I learned throughout my 4 years of study. My tutor always encouraged me to do summer jobs even when I was still in Malaysia. During my first summer holiday, I worked as a sales assistant at a retail pharmacy in KL. During my third-year summer holiday, I joined Lloydspharmacy’s Summer Student Placement for 6 weeks where I got insights on how a community pharmacy operates. I was offered a pre-registration pharmacist placement at the end of the summer placement.

The MPharm course not only focuses on theoretical knowledge, but also emphasises on the importance of gaining working experience and building your skills to communicate effectively with patients through OCSEs. After 8 years of working as a community pharmacist both in the UK and Malaysia, I decided to make a career change to become a lecturer. Now, I am on my second year of PhD studies at the University of Nottingham Malaysia doing pharmacy practice research. Pharmacy practice has always been my passion as I love being with patients and the community and educating them.

Whatever your career choice is after you successfully graduated with an MPharm degree, be it in the community, hospital, industry, academic or even in the Astropharmacy, be certain that MPharm course from the University of Nottingham will equip you with all the skills and confidence you need before entering the working world.

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