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Alumni Testimonial – Eric Tee Wei Seong (2016)

This article is written by Eric Tee Wei Seong, MPharm 2+2 (Class of 2020).


“Seize every occasion and opportunity to broaden your horizons.”


Academic qualification:

MPharm (University of Nottingham, 2016) and PGCert Clinically Enhanced Pharmacist Independent Prescribing (University of Reading, 2021)


Where are you working currently?

I am currently working full time as a pharmacist manager at Wellbeing Pharmacy, London and part-time as a prescribing clinical pharmacist at a General Practitioner (GP) practice. On top of daily duties as a responsible community pharmacist, I have set up a travel health clinic to provide travel vaccination and malaria prophylaxis to the local community. While working at the GP practice, I mainly carry out medication reviews for patients with long term conditions to ensure optimum treatment. My area of interest is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), thus I am also running a COPD clinic, ensuring patients with COPD are being looked after especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since December 2020, I have also been involved in providing the Covid-19 vaccination to the targeted population.


Why did you decide to study MPharm 2+2 at the University of Nottingham Malaysia? How has your degree prepared you for your career?

My decision to study pharmacy was due to my interest in medicines and the fascinating pharmacology behind them. University of Nottingham (UoN) is one of the most reputable universities in the pharmacy sector and I have never been prouder to be a UoN graduate. I can contentedly say that my years at the university have been challenging yet highly satisfying. The pharmacy course at UoN has equipped me with the knowledge and transferable skills needed to be a professional pharmacist in a wide range of sectors, including community, hospital, the pharmaceutical industry, research and academia.


What did you love most about your student life with MPharm 2+2?

The 2+2 course is surely one of the highlights as it provides an opportunity to experience student life in both Malaysia and the UK. I was a very active member of PharmNotts and nominated as the president in 2013-14. My team and I organised numerous public health campaigns and activities such as blood donation drive. I have also participated in two very meaningful community health projects organised by the UoN. During the last two years of the course, I got to experience British culture and the highlight of student life in the UK, was the ability to travel around the Europe at ease.


What is your advice to current or prospective MPharm students?

Never stop believing in yourself, and there are millions of opportunities out there. The experiences that I have gained throughout the course has given me strengths to persevere and I am willing to try and improve myself every day. Here I would like to leave a couple of words for you – seize every occasion and opportunity to broaden your horizons. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time at the university as much as I did.


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