March 15, 2024, by Mei Kee Lee

Experience Sharing: Summer Internship at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

By Chong Ka Sheng (James), who is currently a Year 2 Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) student at UNM. 


Where did you do your summer internship? How long was it?

 I did my summer internship at GSK, Quill 9 PJ. It was a 3-months journey.


What did it involve?

  • As an External Expert Engagement Specialist Intern, my daily task involved a lot of data entry tasks such as contracts, work orders, invoices, purchase order drafting, and a lot of communications with the business owner (Sales Rep or Medical affairs).
  • Besides that, I was engaged in a lot of teams meeting where I get to do several international calls, which geared me up on how to communicate with stakeholders professionally and liaises with stakeholders with different culture


What did you find interesting throughout this experience?

  • This internship has been a significant milestone for me as it marked my first foray into the corporate world. From day one, I was welcomed with open arms, and what truly touched my heart was the overwhelming love and care I experienced from each of my colleagues. What fascinates me is not the day-to-day job, but the working environment and the colleagues.


How did the summer internship support your learning and future career development?

  • This internship allows me to have a fruitful insight into the pharma world. As this experience allows me to broaden my perspective into the job opportunities of a pharmacy graduate. I have learnt that the undergraduate course that I’ve took may not necessarily reflect the future jobs that I will be working as. Besides that, I have also learnt how should I cope with the task assigned to me and to catch up with the deadlines set.


What is one take home message you obtain from this experience?

  • In my point of view, an intern should always keep the mind open and always ask for more things to learn; as the experience and knowledge that you’ve gain in the journey might be beneficial for your future career.


What is your advice to current or prospective students on signing up for summer internships?

  • Please do prepare for your interview and be confident in it! Believed in yourself that you will excel in the interview.


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