March 8, 2024, by Mei Kee Lee

Experience Sharing: Summer Internship at Tung Shin Hospital

By Joey Au Su Jing, who is currently a Year 2 Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) student at UNM.


Where did you do your summer internship? How long was it?

Tung Shin Hospital for 4 weeks


What did it involve?

– Checking and packing prescriptions at the inpatient and outpatient pharmacy

– preparing extemporaneous mixtures/creams/ointments

– one day visit to oncology department, observed how vaccines are reconstituted and learnt proper sterilisation techniques

– Prepared a bulletin with other interns about total parenteral nutrition, look-alike-sound-alike drugs and new list-in drugs.

– Discussions on antacids, laxatives, anti-diarrhoea medications, anti-emetics, antibiotics and counselling techniques.

– Learnt some calculations related to eye drop volume, Zytrec antibiotics reconstitution volume, volume of base needed to prepare a PPI suspension


What did you find interesting throughout this experience?

I felt that the whole 4 weeks of internship was fun and interesting as I was able to learn and discover new things every single day. Besides, we were also able to experience many hands-on activities that we haven’t been able to try during our classes.


How did the summer internship support your learning and future career development?

This internship allowed me to discover the different pharmacy departments available in a hospital and experience how is it like working in a hospital pharmacy. Besides, the discussion sessions organised by Mr Lock also allowed me to enhance my knowledge and dive deeper into the topics that we have previously covered during classes.


What is one take home message you obtain from this experience?

There are still many things that I have to learn to become a competent pharmacist in the future. I will continue to work hard and strive to become a successful pharmacist like them one day.


What is your advice to current or prospective students on signing up for summer internships?

If you plan to join an internship do not over think and just go for it, you will find out that it is a fun and interesting experience.


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