September 8, 2014, by Deepa Kumari Veerasingam

Commonwealth Summer School 2014 – Closing Ceremony

The 4th Commonwealth Summer School had its closing ceremony on Saturday, 23rd August 2014 at The Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The ceremony was graced by Professor Christine Ennew, Provost and CEO, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.


Professor Christine Ennew, Provost and CEO, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

Prize giving ceremony was up next with the announcement of the winners of the World Trade Game (held at Kuala Selangor Nature Park on Tuesday, 19th August 2014), Scavenger Hunt (held at Jonker Street, Malacca on Friday, 22nd August 2014) and of course, the highly coveted award – Best Poster Design.


Winner of the World Trade Game – Group 4 [Supply Chain]


Winner of the Scavenger Hunt – Group 5 [Food & Nutrition]











Winner -of Best Poster Design – Group 5 [Food & Nutrition]

Thank you note was addressed by Dr Christopher Hill, Director of Research Training and Academic Development (RTAD), University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, and Ms Joyce Achampong, Director of External Engagement, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

Special thanks to the AWESOME team of Student Ambassadors, led by the Head Ambassador, Syed Dur Abbas Razvi, who was also an Intern at RTAD. The Student Ambassadors were selected out of more than 70 applications. They went through the proper standard shortlisting process and interview session.


[Centre] Ton Nu Quy Thien, best known as Theodora


[Centre] Lye Hwei Mynn, best known as HM











[Centre] Hoh Ruey Yee, best known as Ruey Ruey


[Centre] Shabira ‘Inani Md. Zaina, best known as Shabi











[Centre] Yoghan Logenthiran, best known as Yogi Bear


[Centre] Syed Zainuddin Alvi, best known as Zain











[Centre] Lim Ca Tou, best known as Nicholas


[Centre] Robyn Tung Wyng Pyn, best known as Robyn











[Centre] Syed Dur Abbas Razvi, best known as Abbas

 The RTAD Team was recognised for their contribution in successfully organising the Summer School.


[From left] Joyce Achampong (Director of External Engagement, ACU), Deepa Kumari (Administration Manager, RTAD), Amirah Zin (Administrator, RTAD), Lisa Chin (Administrator, RTAD) and Dr Christopher Hill (Director, RTAD)

Another thank you note was delivered by a representative of the delegates, Mr Angshuman Hazarika.


We are privileged to partner with the ACU in hosting the 4th Commonwealth Summer School and we hope that everyone who participated and involved have had a great experience throughout the programme. We further hope that the time spent in Malaysia has allowed the delegates to engage with the people, the country and the global food security issues at hand, and to take back knowledge and connections that will help them thrive.


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