April 16, 2015, by Noor Syuhada

Careers Advisory Service Welcomes the Year of Goat

Students of the University of Nottingham in Malaysia (UNMC) marked the beginning of the Year of the Goat on Thursday, Feb 12 by joining in the University’s Careers Advisory Service Chinese New Year (CNY) get-together.

Addressing those attending the celebration filled with CNY craft decorations, traditional Chinese games and wholesome local food, Careers Advisory Service (CAS) head Alicia Ch’ng said the event was not only just for the existing student community, but to also welcome the new student community to make them aware of the CAS services that are available to them.

“This get-together has been a CAS tradition for years. It may be the best time for students to understand not only how we celebrate different kinds of local festivals here at UNMC, but also for them to get to know our team of advisers who will assist them to move forward with their career plans,” Alicia said.

Part of the games assembly involved a traditional Chinese Calligraphy contest, where the students got to try their hand on the many ways of writing short Chinese characters and tried to garner support from friends and allies on social media in order to win it.

The CAS advisers had also engaged the students to sing along to a catchy CNY music, where some non-Chinese students were able to say ‘gong-xi ni ya’ with ease, Cantonese for ‘Congratulations to you, yeah’.

This event had also brought local and international students together for the chance to explore the get-together venue – a reference library and reading lounge, known as the Careers Resource Room, where students can access a rich range of career information, both printed and electronic, to support their opportunities and employment research while studying.

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