July 7, 2017, by Noor Syuhada

Universum Award: CAS Secures Place as Top 2 for Two Consecutive Years

We’ve made it, again!

Guess what?

UNMC Careers Advisory Service (CAS) has won the Universum awards again!

On June 30, CAS had been awarded by being the Top 2 in 2 categories based on Universum Survey in Malaysia – “Best Career Services Satisfaction Award”, a new category introduced this year; and “Best Employability Rating Award” in which CAS won for two consecutive years. The awards had been presented by Ms. Nadine Dinh, the Head of Data Collection and Partnerships Management of Universum to Ms. Alicia Ch’ng, the Head of CAS at HB14.

“To win the same award again for two consecutive years, it shows that you’ve been done a great job. With the winning of the new category also shows that the students feel satisfied and believe in your services. Congratulations and keep it up!” Ms. Nadine commented on the winning and shared the informative findings from the Universum survey to the CAS team.

Head of CAS, Ms. Alicia Ch’ng also expressed her gratitude, “On behalf of Careers team, we would like to thank everyone especially to our students for their continuous support and trust towards us. We are greatly humbled and honoured to receive this award. While awards are wonderful to receive, just knowing that the students appreciated our services and efforts is truly rewarding enough. Surely, we will continue to give our best services to equip students with employability skills that the employers look for and soar higher!”

Ms. Nadine also presented the “Best University Brand Perception Award” as UNMC successfully got the second place in Malaysia.

The Universum Survey had been carried out from October 2016 until February 2017 with the participation of 15883 respondents in Malaysia where 776 of UNMC students took part. It was conducted by Universum as to understand the career preferences and expectations of students and alumni in each institution, which also included the crucial elements such as the enthusiasm of the students for professional life, and the brand perception and attractiveness of the institution itself.

CAS sincerely expressed gratitude to Universum, UNMC students and everyone who endlessly keep supporting us. Stay tune to CAS events such as Sector-Focused Careers Day, careers talks, networking sessions, workshops, open houses and more in upcoming semester, and feel free to drop by CAS office at HB14! 🙂









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