October 11, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

Get to Know CAS at Careers Open House 2019

Time flies so fast, finally the summer break has ended.

It is time for Careers Advisory Service (CAS) to welcome the fresh start of Autumn semester with Careers Open House!

On Oct 9, Careers Open House has been organised which took place in HB14, from 12pm to 2pm. Throughout the open house, the students mingled around, enjoyed and entertained themselves with tasty food, good music and exciting game (Mystery Box!).

Numerous students grabbed the opportunity to network with the career advisers. They were introduced and exposed to the services provided by CAS and events which would be good initiative for them to start their early career planning. In addition, CAS has just launched the latest certificate programme called as Get Ready Get Hired, where the students showed interest and eager to get more information from the careers advisers. Besides that, they also took part in the brain game and career test which had been carried out for them to test on their memory, attention and personality.

Overall, it was fun and the event went smoothly. We hope that all of you have fully recharged to conquer this semester with great success. Start your career planning early and stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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