February 28, 2020, by Noor Syuhada

Standing Out: Interview & Assessment Centre Workshop by HAYS

With the tagline ‘We promote on the merit of your performance, you determine your success’ – HAYS Malaysia has already graced the students who attended the Pre-Careers Fair Series: Interview and Assessment Centre organised by Careers Advisory Service, with the knowledge of the working world.

The theme of standing out from the crowd can already be said to be the purpose of students attending the talk whereby skills for interviews are prepared. Yoke Pei, who is an alumnus of UNM and now is working at HAYS Malaysia as a manager, shares her insight as someone who recruits for big conglomerates in Malaysia.

“When you come for an interview, remember to be prepared to answer questions you have researched and any questions out of the blue, this is because there is no interview guide set in stone.”

Yoke Pei introduced some techniques during an interview such as pausing before replying, provide as much context when replying, the STAR technique and body language. With those in check, one could start selling yourself well.

She also brought up a new term for the students present – assessment centres. An assessment centre is where an individual who passes an interview, will then get tested here holistically for other skills such as strategic thinking, leadership ability and motivation or resilience. These attributes can’t be analysed on a CV but with real-life problem-solving.

Sarah, who also works at HAYS Malaysia, encouraged students to prepare for assessment centres by reading all materials given, taking initiative and being present.

The session ended with a presentation of a real-life sales presentation for the students present, they were required to form groups and take a stand to the questions posed.

Overall, the session by HAYS Malaysia was informative and interactive for the students to prepare for the upcoming UNM Careers Fair 2020, and internships or jobs in the near future.

By: Daniel Lim, Career Ambassador of CAS – VP of Digital Marketing

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