September 28, 2022, by Mei Kee Lee

Alumni Testimonial – Ooi Shu Hao (MPharm, 2019)

Shu Hao (MPharm 2+2 class of 2019) is currently working as business development pharmacist at Hovid Berhad.


Describe your career journey.

After completing my pre-reg training at Hyson Green Pharmacy, Nottingham, I went back to Malaysia and ventured into the world of pharmaceutical industry.


Describe your job scope and experience.

As a business development (BD) pharmacist, we are responsible to overcome the challenges (internally & externally) to launch the RIGHT PRODUCT to the RIGHT MARKET at the RIGHT TIME.

BD serves as a liaison between external parties and internal parties within the company including regulatory affairs, logistics, creative, quality assurance, and sales & marketing in order to accomplish the business goals.

As a BD pharmacist, I often have to explore business opportunities and meet people from all over the world.


What did you love most about your student life at UNM?

UNM basketball court, Broga’s pan-mee, and breakfast place next to the Semenyih’s primary school.


What did you love most about your student life at Nottingham UK campus?

Highfields Park in the Park campus, Shanghai Shanghai’s crispy roast duck, and Pryzm Nottingham.


What was most challenging?

The most challenging part of my student life would be the 9th week of 3rd Year’s Professional Practice Exam. Before the exam, I was terrified by the rumours about how difficult this exam is going to be. Thankfully, with the support from the teachers and seniors, I have passed the exam in my first attempt. The secret is that there is no secret but to eat well, sleep well, and practice repetitively in the correct way.

This is also applicable to the GPhC exam.


What would be the one word to sum it all up?



What is your advice to current MPharm students?

I believe you, as a student, who are reading my testimonial, should have known the responsibility as a student and therefore I do not have to elaborate more on that.

My advice to current MPharm students is, please ALSO do something OTHER than studying. For instance, develop a new skill set, a new hobby, read a book other than your revision note & etc. As long as you are stepping out AGAIN & AGAIN from your comfort zone (first main point). Believe me, someday in the near future, you will thank yourself for doing so.

Well of course, you definitely have the RIGHTS to choose to live your student life to the fullest. There is no right or wrong on this, as long as your decision is MADE BY YOURSELF instead of following the peers blindly (second main point).

Thank you for reading.

2019 is the year that people could gather without worrying.
Shu Hao (in the middle) with his mates at their graduation ceremony.

The time you enjoyed is not the time you wasted. Shu Hao (first from left) with his mates enjoying themselves at the Pryzm.

Shu Hao (right) and his mates having a great time in the Czech Republic.

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