October 12, 2022, by Mei Kee Lee

Student Sharing: My Industrial Internship Experience at Duopharma – Soo Ai-Lyn

Article written by Soo Ai-Lyn, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Year 3 student. She has worked as an intern under Production Department at Duopharma Manufacturing (Bangi) Sdn. Bhd. 

My internship started on the 1st of June 2022, fresh off finals. The first day was nerve-wracking as I did not know what to expect. Thankfully, I had a warm welcome from Miss Nadiah. I was put into the Production Department under Miss Grace and caught up to speed with my assigned responsibilities under Miss Afieka.

My duties as an intern were to go through the Standard Operating Procedures and Working Instructions to develop training modules and assessments for the employees. My prior knowledge from the Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences degree had proven useful as it helped me understand why each procedure/ instruction existed and which aspect to pay attention to when it came to developing assessments for the employees. Also being given an opportunity to go and observe how the procedures/ instructions were carried out helped solidified the understanding. For example, the personal protective equipment worn and the way to properly put it on.

During the internship, we were given tours through the Production line. We were brought around and given a chance to explore the processes in pharmaceutical production. There were tours around different sites, wet  and  oral solid dosage (OSD), in great detail through every step in the processing. The staffs were very helpful in providing us with answers to our unending questions. This truly helped pieced the  prior  knowledge with the practicality of the industry together which garnered a new appreciation of how everything came together.

Overall, this experience was truly delightful as it was so eye-opening to be able to see everything from classes being applied  in real life through one of the possible career paths. It taught me how small simple applications can barrel into a greater process or aid in other production values. I truly hope that others would have the internship experience I had and utilise the opportunity to observe the way our concepts learned are adapted differently.

There was a site visit to the Research and Development (R&D) sector in the Glenmarie branch in Shah Alam. It gave us an insight to what one of the career paths would be like should we pursue PhD and how the R&D processes are like. Since we were coming from the Production department of the Manufacturing branch, there were obvious differences in the processes and we had the chance to link how these processes, on a greater scale, led to what we did at our department, how the industrial processes are like and the ways one affects the other.

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