March 7, 2023, by Mei Kee Lee

Alumni Testimonial – Stella Kew (2016)

Stella Kew (MPharm, 2016) is currently a ward pharmacist at Hospital Kudat.


Describe your career path and experience after graduating from the University of Nottingham.

2016 – Sales Marketing Assistant at Hovid Sdn. Bhd.
2017 – Sales Assistant at Caring Pharmacy
2017 – Provisional Registered Pharmacist at Hospital Queen Elizabeth, Sabah
2018 – Registered Pharmacist at Hospital Kudat, Sabah


What made you choose to pursue your degree at University of Nottingham?

2 + 2 MPharm degree provides an excellent platform to experience student’s life at one of the top 20 universities in UK. Integrated teaching not only prepares graduates in clinical workplace, but also giving career insights in community, industrial, educational and research-based settings.


What did you love most about your student life? May we have a recount of your fondest memory of it?

Clubs and societies spiced up my student life. I made friends across the globe by actively participating in Christian Fellowship. Not only I got to go deep in religious knowledge, I developed open-mindedness when I observed different cultures, habits and points of view from respective individuals.


How did your degree at University of Nottingham prepared you for your career?

From year one to year three, the modules were focused on building a firm foundation of clinical, legal and ethical knowledge. At year four, simulated pharmacies were set up. As a team, we worked together to run the pharmacy. We met simulated patients (acted out by our lecturers) with challenging personalities. We handled e-prescriptions and answered phone call from General Practitioners (acted out by our lecturers). We trained our colleagues after joining in-house training. We were to make use of our knowledges and manage our emotion. MPharm degree at University of Nottingham prepares a solid ground for graduates to embark the exciting journey of being a pharmacist.


What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of your career?

Being involved in patient medical treatment by recommending evidence-based interventions and providing user-friendly counselling is my main job scope, and hence my most rewarding aspect of my career. Emotional strength is most needed when patients come in with demanding and challenging behaviors. Unwillingness to cooperate and negligence to counselling advice would always jeopardise the treatment plan, and hence patients’ life.


What is your advice to current or prospective students?

Study smart, play hard. Enjoy your student life to the fullest. Studying is a duty of a student. Do not waste these few years, do learn sound knowledges, to ask questions and to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be courageous to meet new friends. Open your mind and you will see that this is an exciting and beautiful world yet to be explored.

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