November 18, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

A Talk with the People Behind Our Electrical Appliances: SIRIM

As part of the Discovering Careers in Engineering, the engineering societies in UNM (IEM, IChemE, IMechE, ICE and IEEE) had collaborated with Careers Advisory Service (CAS) to present to the students – “Engineering Series Talks”. The goal of the talks and workshops are to enhance student’s knowledge regarding the field of engineering and to introduce potential future prospects.

The students have been paid a visit by one of Malaysia’s more familiar companies – SIRIM. The speaker, Mr. Mohd Fauzi Ismail shared his experience as SIRIM’s national project director in SIRIM with the students.

“Working in SIRIM has been a pleasure since I too love doing research and knowing that this research will better improve the standards in sustainable innovation in Malaysia makes me very proud in my work,” said Mr. Mohd Fauzi.

He also showed passion for the improvement of industrial sector in terms of energy efficiency. The students were enlightened that the industrial process heat makes up a large proportion of energy use in various industries.

“From the flat plane solar panels to the circular panels, we (SIRIM) have done immense research into improving the efficiency in capturing sunlight to convert it to energy. Therefore, Solar Thermal Technology presents a possible solution for energy efficiency in Malaysia since Malaysia is also located in a equatorial location in the world.” said Mr. Mohd Fauzi.

Students have expressed their interest in the topic and inquired on relevant internships in the company. Students have also expressed their experience for the talk.

“The talk was great as the speaker has introduced topics that I may not have learned in my module but also as an eye-opener that the field of engineering may help me progress into innovating something that may help in mankind.” said Ming Jun.

“The talk was informative as I may be able to progress into research and development sector in the events if I am interested in that field as I am still open to a lot of opportunities.” said Devin.

Overall, the talk was informative as students got the opportunity to understand and explore where their degrees in engineering might take them in their future prospects.

By: Daniel Lim, Career Ambassador of CAS – VP of Digital Marketing

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