April 2, 2021, by Noor Syuhada

Alumni Sharing: Visualize Your Future & Take Action!

Careers Advisory Service (CAS) has always been welcoming our alumni who delightfully come to share on their careers experience to the students, which can spark inspiration on their future career.

Hence, we were excited to have our Finance, Accounting & Management (FAM) alumna Yulita Wehary, who currently works as a Relationship Manager Corporate Banking at PT. Bank ICBC Indonesia (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) joining our International Student Careers Series as a speaker of the day.

Career journey

Sharing on her career journey, Yulita stated that she did her internship in BDO Malaysia and was a participant under MyASEAN internship. Upon graduation, she applied for many accounting firms and successfully secured a Junior Auditor position in Ernst & Young (EY), Jakarta.

Yulita added, “I had to undergo an assessment test for my job application in EY. As for the preparation, one of my strategies is I contacted a friend who’s working in EY to get some tips which it helped me to perform better leading to securing the job.”

She also shared that one of the reasons she applied for her current position ICBC Bank is to polish her Mandarin language skill. Currently, she assists the department with credit facilitation.

Key takeaways

  • Research about the company that you wish to apply, which will help you to better understand the company background and prepare for the best documents, i.e. resume and cover letter that customized to the company.
  • Start early on your job hunting journey! 3 months before graduation should be fine to start applying for jobs.
  • Build your online presence and be an opportunist to network with the employers.
  • Visualize what you would like to be after you graduate or for the next few years, reflect on what you are lacking and fill in the gaps by learning the required skills or experiences.
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