April 14, 2021, by Noor Syuhada

Bridging the Gap: Virtually Connected via UNMVCIF2021

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the global landscape of education which it has undoubtedly affected traditional forms of student and employer engagement. However, it has also necessitated new ways of thinking and shifts in perspectives which resulted to the rise of virtual interaction. Aiming to boost student and graduate employment, Careers Advisory Service organised its first virtual careers fair, UNM Virtual Careers & Internship Fair 2021 #UNMVCIF2021 for three consecutive days, from 7 to 9 April 2021 through GRADUAN’s platform.

The 3-day virtual fair consists of exciting webinars and careers talks, tons of job opportunities by incredible employers from various industries where the students and graduates can unleash their potential, network and get noticed by hiring employers, and apply for the featured careers opportunities.

One of the webinars is a forum entitled “Employer Insight: What Gets You Hired” by the wonderful panelists; Mr. Yonghan Tan from EY, Ms. Joon Nie Ooi from Nestlé & Mr. Shahrul Izwan Saidi from Top Glove.

It was an amazing session which the panelists shared their industry insights, careers tips and job opportunities. In fact, the students managed to have an engaging session in the chat box where they can ask inquiries regarding the company background, opportunities offered and job application.

Key takeaways and advice

  • Upskill yourself, join extracurricular activities, take up leadership positions & gain as much as experience that you can while you are in university.
  • Be yourself when you come to an interview, however practise proper manners & basic common sense to reflect your best traits.
  • Equip yourself with digital skills, learn data analytics & take initiative to join online courses, e.g. Coursera, Udemy, etc.
  • Ensure that your skills & experience shape you to have good communication skill, leadership trait & excellent critical thinking.
  • Go for an internship if you have the chance to do so! It may help you to gain the upper hand to compete with a crowd of talents.

Interesting input from Q&A session

Q: What should I highlight in my resume and interview if I have no internship or working experience at all?

A: If this is the case, it is important to highlight your extracurricular activities, leadership experience, volunteering experience and final year project. Other than that, you can mention your part-time job even if it is irrelevant to the position that you wish to apply, which you can point out the transferable skills that you have gained throughout the job.

Q: Does photo compulsory to be included in a resume?

A: It is optional to include your photo in a resume as the content is the most important for the recruiters. However, if you wish to include a photo, make sure that you include the professional looking and latest one. The photo is not going to be the game-changer, nonetheless it should portray professionalism if you decide to do so.

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